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Hostels: Find the diamonds in the rough

Hostels have a certain reputation, and it’s not always a positive one. They are (one of) the cheapest ways to travel, the haven of backpackers worldwide. You live in close quarters with strangers and can spend weeks eating breakfasts of … Continue reading

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Holidays Abroad

With American Thanksgiving this past week, it got me thinking about spending holidays abroad. And while I haven’t spent too many abroad, there’s still something about the big holidays from your culture that makes you look for ways to celebrate … Continue reading

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Tours That Are Worth It: Ebbelwei Express, Frankfurt, Germany

What better way to see a new city – being driven around town, with free alcohol provided? That’s how you can see Frankfurt, Germany if you purchase a ticket on the Ebbelwei Express. If you know anything about German booze, … Continue reading

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Lions, tygr, and bärin, oh my!

Sometimes when traveling, it’s nice to take a break from walking around the city center, and get out into nature – well, in this case, carefully controlled nature. Destinations such as botanical gardens and zoos can be a relaxing way … Continue reading

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An Incident in Frankfurt, Germany

Earlier today I wrote about random and entertaining things we encountered in Frankfurt, Germany. Now I’m going to tell you about another incident that happened there. I filed this under “worst,” because it’s not something I suggest you copy, but … Continue reading

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Random Things Found in Frankfurt & Mainz, Germany

Before I tell my real story for the day (see this post), I thought I’d post some pictures about random things we found while traveling in Frankfurt & Mainz, Germany. This illustrates those great moments we’ve all had while wandering … Continue reading

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