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A twenty-something girl searching for ways to get abroad and find random amazing bits of the world as much as possible.

History intrudes on the present on the Isle of Iona, Scotland

Another place that sticks out in my mind when I think about Scotland is the Isle of Iona. This tiny island, located in the Western Isles, is beautiful and steeped in history. To get to Iona, you have to drive … Continue reading

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Geghard Monastery, Armenia I’m a sucker for unique buildings like this monastery carved in rock. Hopefully one day I’ll make it to Armenia to see it! In the meantime, check out my new article over at The Circumference.

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A contradiction in my travel planning

So, here’s the thing. I love “accidental finds” – being open to trip tangents, going to random places, and enjoying them. But I also really like learning everything possible about a country before I go there. I’m not sure if … Continue reading

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My travel bulletin board

The travel mementos that are displayed most prominently in my house are things that have absolutely no value other than sentimental. My bulletin board is covered with postcards and ticket stubs for trains, planes, and museums from places I’ve visited. … Continue reading

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Inspiration in St Andrews

My entry at the We Said Go travel writing contest has been posted! The contest theme was “inspiration.” I chose to write about St Andrews, Scotland, because it is still my favorite place on the planet (so far). I think … Continue reading

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Hostels: Find the diamonds in the rough

Hostels have a certain reputation, and it’s not always a positive one. They are (one of) the cheapest ways to travel, the haven of backpackers worldwide. You live in close quarters with strangers and can spend weeks eating breakfasts of … Continue reading

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Don’t count your money on the bus (and other things most travelers already know)

There has been quite a movement on travel blogs and Twitter in recent weeks for solo (female) travel and how irrational the stereotype is that it’s not safe for people (particularly women) to travel alone. This came up again recently … Continue reading

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