My travel bulletin board

Bulletin board

The travel mementos that are displayed most prominently in my house are things that have absolutely no value other than sentimental. My bulletin board is covered with postcards and ticket stubs for trains, planes, and museums from places I’ve visited. I keep other things too, like concert tickets, but most of the items on the bulletin board relate to my travels. I think it’s a great way to remember places I’ve been (free souvenirs!)

I started the bulletin board originally because I once had a dorm room with a bulletin board that was empty and needed to be filled, so I stuck a postcard from St Andrews on it, and eventually other things gathered around it. Now I make a point of setting aside tickets and things and taking them home with me so I can stick a pin in them and display them. (Mostly this works. Sadly, I don’t have my Prague Jazz Boat ticket because the wrong pile of receipts and stubs went into the trash that night.) Of course, it’s also a great conversation piece!

I keep lots of different things to put on the board. Here’s a few highlights:
1) Plane ticket stubs to Germany, the Czech Republic, Chile, etc.
2) Train tickets from all over the UK.
3) A hand-written invitation from my friend to a Thanksgiving dinner we held while living in Scotland.
4) A rubbing of a seal from the St Andrews city museum.
5) A postcard from Chicago, because that’s the first place I ever got sent on a business trip (souvenirs don’t always have to come from far away places!)

What sort of mementos from your travels do you display in your home?


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A twenty-something girl searching for ways to get abroad and find random amazing bits of the world as much as possible.
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One Response to My travel bulletin board

  1. Jacqueline says:

    I’m a huge believer and advocate of vision boards! They keep you inspired and focused on your dream! Keep at it! 😉

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