Tours That Are Worth It: Ebbelwei Express, Frankfurt, Germany

What better way to see a new city – being driven around town, with free alcohol provided? That’s how you can see Frankfurt, Germany if you purchase a ticket on the Ebbelwei Express.

If you know anything about German booze, the word Ebbelwei will spark your interest. Frankfurt is well known for this apple cider-like drink, and you can find it everywhere. It’s light and refreshing, and perfect for a sunny spring day like the one when I took the Ebbelwei Express.

For less than 10 euros, you get an hour-long ride on an old-fashioned trolley, plus a bottle of Ebbelwei to sip as you travel through the city’s streets spotting its main attractions. I’m always a proponent of a walking a city as much as possible to really get a feel for it, but it can be fantastic to take a break and get off your feet with a tour like this one.

When you are traveling in German, be sure to hop aboard the Ebbelwei Express!


About accidentalfinds

A twenty-something girl searching for ways to get abroad and find random amazing bits of the world as much as possible.
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