Tours That Are Worth It: Stirling Jail

Stirling is not my favorite city in Scotland. I once had to spend an entire weekend there, and it was torture. Once you’ve seen the castle, you’ve pretty much done it all. And while there are some remarkable views, I find that the city lacks the charm that I love about other Scottish cities.

But one tour that is worth doing when you’re in Stirling for the day is Stirling Old Town Jail. It sounded kind of cheesy to me, having a guide in character as a jailer take you, as prisoners, through a tour of the old jail. But the guides make it fun and interesting, and the tour is very interactive (as you can see in the photo below when I’m getting a noose put around my neck). I’ve actually done the tour twice, and enjoyed it both times. So if you ever find yourself stuck in Stirling (or there on purpose), make sure to stop by the jail for a tour. However, the jail is closed for part of the winter, so check the website to make sure it will be open when you’re visiting.


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