Tours that Are Worth It: Jazz Boat, Prague

For the most part, when I’m traveling, I like to see the city on my own rather than taking group tours or paying for events that aren’t authentic to life in the city. I guess I have a fear of appearing “too touristy.” Perhaps that’s an odd thing to be afraid of – there are some amazing things that come from being a tourist. Either way, every once in awhile I come across a tour that’s really worth it. So what if it’s “too touristy” – it has provided a unique view on the city that I will treasure forever. This is the first in a series of posts highlighting those amazing tours.

This first post is about one of my favorite memories of any trip I’ve ever taken – the Jazz Boat in Prague. This is a tour obviously geared to tourists, but it’s really the best way to cruise down the Vltava River.

Imagine cruising down the river through the heart of Prague one evening – the city lighting up around you as darkness falls. You’re served dinner and drinks as a band enthusiastically plays jazz standards.

This cruise was amazing. The food was decent, not great, but the atmosphere was fantastic. We bought our tickets the same day, so we weren’t able to sit outside on the top deck where the view is probably the best. However, I preferred sitting inside, because we got to watch the band – and they were very energetic and fun to watch. And the view was more than enough for me. I would definitely recommend the Jazz Boat to anyone traveling in Prague. I think the price was only something in the range of US$30, so it wasn’t too bad.

Here’s a video of the tour to entice you a little more.


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