The Literary History of Arbuthnott, Scotland

Scotland is rife with small, quaint towns, and they each have their own unique history. I’ve only had the good fortune to visit some of them, but another one of them that is worth featuring is Arbuthnott. This town is south of Aberdeen, easily accessible from the highway. I ended up there with my classmates who were also studying Scottish literature.

In our class on the Scottish novel, we read a trilogy of novels by Lewis Grassic Gibbon known as A Scot’s Quair. I had never heard of them before moving to Scotland, but Grassic Gibbon is quite famous in Scotland, and I did really enjoy the series of books. The town in the books is based off of Arbuthnott, where Grassic Gibbon lived, so visiting provided an interesting insight into the novels.

The Grassic Gibbon Center includes a museum and film on the author’s life. A cafe is attached which serves quintessentially British tea with jam and scones. Delicious!

Even if you are not interested in Scottish fiction, Arbutnott is a gorgeous town, with a beautiful Norman church nestled amid rolling Scottish hills. It is definitely worth a visit.

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