Falkland, Scotland: A Royal Gem

The first time I visited Falkland, Scotland I absolutely fell in love. I wanted to move there and never leave. There was something about the charm of the tiny town square, the tiny creek that meandered through the town’s parkland, and the historic castle right in the middle of town, that fascinated me. The second time I visited it had not lost any of its charm, and I would love to go back again. I can just imagine living in a little house in town, with a nice garden out back…how peaceful would that be compared to life in DC!

You can tour Falkland Palace; it is set up with furnished period rooms and immaculate gardens out back. The Palace houses two interesting things. Out back in the garden you will find the world’s oldest tennis court (although it is for an older form of indoor tennis, not the outdoor tennis we play today). The tennis court is still in use, and you can rent it out, although I imagine that it must be an expensive game. Once when I was there a father and son were playing as people walked by to admire the history. Falkland Palace was once home to Mary Queen of Scots, so the second key thing to see in Falkland is her death mask that hangs above the entrance to her bedroom.

Falkland is easily accessible by bus, connecting through Glenrothes (pronounced Glen-rohth-is). Besides the Palace, there are a few quaint cafes and knick knack shops, but it would still be hard to spend the entire day here, so consider seeing it in the same day as another nearby attraction. Try to get there in the spring to see the garden at its peak. Falkland is definitely worth the visit!


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