Random Things Found in Frankfurt & Mainz, Germany

View over Frankfurt, GermanyView over Frankfurt, Germany

Before I tell my real story for the day (see this post), I thought I’d post some pictures about random things we found while traveling in Frankfurt & Mainz, Germany. This illustrates those great moments we’ve all had while wandering around a new city. You run into something either really awesome or really confusing that warrants a picture (and, for me, a mention here). These are things that guide books won’t tell you about, but can still add a lot to a trip.

While we planned to spend most of our time in Frankfurt, we stayed in a hostel in Mainz, which is very close by, because it was cheaper. To get to the train station we had to cross a large park. The first day we were walking across the park, we kept hearing very loud bird sounds and wondering where they were coming from. Eventually we found out – there was a random flamingo enclosure in the middle of the park. Nothing else, just flamingos, and no signs to say anything about them or why they were there. But I certainly have nothing against flamingos, so no harm done.

Flamingos in a park in Mainz, Germany

One day on our trip, the park drew us in and we ended up spending the whole day in Mainz. There was miniature golf, which was somehow more fun in the German spring than it would have been at home. We played on the playground, laid in the sun, kicked around a soccer ball, and of course took pictures when this adorable train puffed around the bend.

Train in a park in Mainz, Germany

So our hostel location turned out to be perfect. Staying outside of the main city can be a great way to expand your experiences when traveling. There were lots of other random things we encountered, but I will leave you with this last bit of wisdom from a clothing store in Frankfurt. And be sure to check out my next post, An Incident in Frankfurt, Germany.

What great random things have you run into on your travels? Post your stories in the comments!


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A twenty-something girl searching for ways to get abroad and find random amazing bits of the world as much as possible.
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